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The cold chill running down my spine spelt the beginning of what was about becoming a torrid morning for me on an early Monday as well as what would be the tone for the entire week ahead, but little did I know and absent knowledge was I of what my body was about getting dealt.

Standing with my hands tightly fisted on either side with my sons’, I could feel my heart pace and my entire frame refuse to move but without understanding of what was going on.

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The morning had begun with light jogging and exercise to get me ready for the day and the usual preparations accompanying getting the kids ready for school and dropping them off just a few miles away before I slip off to my gym where I work as a personal trainer

It was a busy morning... already had my clients buzzing my telephone times without end since the beginning of the day.

Peter seemed to have noticed the oddity by the way I stood and that something was wrong, and my eldest son, just six years in age tugged at my arm repeatedly, trying to nudge me out of whatever befuddlement I found myself trapped in.

“Mom… why aren’t you moving?” he asked with a slight frown atop his young forehead.

The question, simple in its way and without doubt one I should be able to answer became a difficult riddle I could not decipher. I had definitely stepped out of the car myself, beaming with strength and confidence only to feel stuck in my tracks as my thighs just suddenly wouldn’t cooperate with me no matter what I did.

“Move Sarah”, I said to myself in soft mumble, looking at my sons in bewilderment and hoping they did t see me as crazy.

The words repeatedly easing past my lips began heightening in frustration as I found myself somewhat held back by a slow, sharp pain emanating from the lower region of my back, presumably the lumbar vertebrae at that time, and stretching towards my buttocks area before spreading in concentration the longer I stood there and the harder I tried to lift my legs.

It was drowning and very much troubling, seeing I had just driven to their school and gotten out of the car to drop them off at a safe distance before making my return to work.

With a desperate tone, I warned myself, “This is not one of those times to goof off Sarah!”

Like a charm, and as though I had spoken the magic word, the radiating pain, smeared around a larger circumference from my lower back and towards my buttocks, slowly dissipated or simply just lessened in concentration as though it had heeded my command and my body fought it off.

Tom, my younger son, just six years of age spoke immediately, “Are you having cramps Mom?”

I nodded immediately, albeit in honesty ignorant of what might have caused such unfamiliar pain and why I was temporarily unable to move my legs at will until it eased off. I had felt cramps before but this didn’t feel like it and with a sting of guilt for lying to my kids, I did what most mothers would; I manned up, helped them to school and hurried back to my car to fulfill my other duties as a mother, a coach and a mentor to those who sought to keep fit and healthy as I assumed I was.

Little did I know, that the episode which I had deemed insignificant, was my introduction to “IT”.


I was into my second warm up session when I felt it come rushing through like a stream of targeted pain, seeping through my entire lumbar vertebrae region and slowly beginning to stretch like a spun web of hurt through every nerve ending in my back and around my buttocks. My eyes widened while I held my breath as I stood before those with whom I was having a regular training session.

“Sarah!’ one of them called out, noticing the sudden limp I took while trying to gain balance and sort my stance out.

He moved fast enough, but I was faster, losing my footing and falling backwards in the most painful way anyone could, including landing my head against the wall behind and sprawling to the floor in the craziest manner I had ever been dealt in my life. Struck in the head with a gash and barely conscious, I could still feel the relentless and persistent pain which had caused some sense of numbness in my legs and made me lose my footing, continue to deal me its existence without showing signs of leaving.

“Call me a doctor! Please, call me a doctor!” I cried out atop my voice, wondering what could be the cause for the sudden pain radiating around my back and entire buttocks.

Those around called me an ambulance immediately, setting me on my way to the hospital within minutes and with the pain seeming to ease off again as I laid on my back and stared blanky at the paramedics trying their best to stop the bleeding and prevent me from losing too much blood.

“The people around you said you simply miss-stepped and fell, is that true Ma’am?” the male paramedic tending to me asked.

I managed a subtle nod and blinked intermittently, “I fell… I just couldn’t feel my legs and fell… “.

I repeated the words like a broken clock until I passed out, thanks to the helpful medic by my side, who helped nudge the pain and feeling all away with a sedative to help me sleep through the ride to the hospital. The day just continued bearing troubles and I wasn’t even close to the source, but I was about to… I was about to…

I couldn't believe I got it

Looking blank and ignorant, I pronounced the words the Doctor before me had said like it was the hardest and most impossible word in the world;

“Sci-A-Ti-Ca?” I asked, trying not to laugh.

With a definite nod, he replied, “Yes Sarah, you have been diagnosed with Sciatica, which is a problem many women across the globe are faced with and which can hinder your movements and also cause you immeasurable pain at varying body parts around your lumbar vertebrae and towards the lower region of your body”.

I was stunned and silent, wondering how that could be possible.

“I keep myself healthy and fit… i… I have two kids who need their mom to take care of them”, I explained to the doctor. “I cannot be sick with this… this Scietika or what do you call it”.

He shook his head an now that I think of it, he must have been sighing at my ignorance.

“Sciatica… it is called sciatica and you can read about it online, but you can manage it with the help of the drugs we’d be prescribing to you”, he assured with a fake smile to help me be on my way.

I walked out of that office, unable to think straight and barely able to contain my curiosity on what it was. Flipping on my phone and going online, I spent the next half hour reading about Sciatica and all its symptoms and I knew the doctor was right and I at that moment, had to agree with him. I had Sciatica, even if I wasn’t going to admit it to myself, I could tell I had i.

Even while standing there, I felt like my legs and spinal support was about giving in and I would crumble to the ground. I would spend the next week traipsing in and out of the hospital to get my stitches cleaned up and sorted, without really understanding what to do about the immeasurable pain which only heightened with each passing day and wasn’t easing off as the doctor had assured with the pills.


My discovery to pain-free

It was my fourth month since the diagnosis, and the empty bottles which once contained the recommended pills for Sciatica lay empty in my living room, setting a tone for the eyesore which I now called home, as I battled with being able to clean up, let alone walk around to get the task done. My spine felt like it was lit on fire every time I took up heavy lifting or even bent over.

Sharp, poking pains like thousand needles constantly being shoved into my back made it even harder thinking of performing any action in my workout gym setting me down the tone of being depressed, useless and feeling empty while I couldn’t tend to my children and their needs.

“Mrs. Sarah”, the physical therapists I hired would say to me. “Sciatica isn’t a thing you’d beat”.

The words hurt and it only made life seem even more difficult.

I grew accustomed to words such as “Could you kindly help me with the tomatoes on the top shelf? Can you be so kind as to help me get these kids to class?”

The questions were killing and I could barely even bend over to kiss my kids goodbye before they left for school every morning. I was this way for months and the misery worsened until I could barely get out of a seat once I’m seated in it.

“All that exercise had left you paralyzed”, my mom would say in rather dramatic tone every time she helped around the house.

As much as I didn’t like having the old lady around and stressing her, she was the only help I had, considering I was getting hit hard in other aspects of my life. My finances were suffering badly from being unable to manage my training sessions, my kids suffered in my absence, and worst of all, I felt less like a mother and more like a liability with every passing day.

“Did you seek other professional help?” you must be asking.

The answer is, “Yes I did. I sought every help necessary, reading blogs and various posts about Sciatica and how to beat it but they never really hit the points for any of the advices to work”,

My luck felt like it was running out, until one faithful day on a train, which was the least place I expected myself to find a solution.

There I was, seated in pain as usual while an elderly lady who had been eyeing me from the time I first boarded walked over to me oddly and stood to stare embarrassingly for a short period of time. I wanted to leave and I badly wanted to tell her off, but the strength to get either of the actions done eluded me as I waned away over the past months and was a shadow of my usual vibrant self.

It felt as though she read my every move before taking a seat slowly by my side.

“You have it too don’t you?” she asked in a respectful and really concerned tone.

I wasn’t sure on what to say but I nodded my head.

“Can I have your phone?” she asked. “Your cell phone, please give it to me”, she demanded.

Reluctantly and unsure of whether I could trust this lady, I held out my phone and she gently relived me of it to begin surfing through my browser for something on the internet. It took no less than a few minutes when she handed it back to me.

Getting up and heading for the door as we arrived at her stop, she smiled at me and said, “I was once like you, but those courses in there changed my life”.

I wasn’t sure on what she was talking about, but I managed to whisper, ‘Thank you”.

She exited the train and I tossed the phone back into my bag until later that evening when the pain came like a running train and threatened to render me crazy while I screamed with pain and felt beads of tears run down my face endlessly. I roughed through my bag for my phone and took out the cellphone which still had the searched page on, thankfully so too, and on a review page which seemed rather odd to me initially.

I read through, taking in the varying amount of positive reviews on a particular course which helped deal with Sciatica through simple techniques which weren’t costly or difficult to carry out and I must confess they seemed too good to be true at first, but seeing I was at my ebb, I decided to read and find out more about the product and the course the lady had hinted about.

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A month into the discovery and I can positively confirm to you that it was the best month I had had since the day I got diagnosed with Sciatica. 

I was able to free myself off pain, get my system balanced to handle and deal with the situation and Sciatica itself, as well as help others get the needed help they desperately seek.

The product simply helps you relieve years of upper and lower back pain by forcing your body to gently and also, naturally “Rebalance” itself through a single session. It works like magic and without the need for constant pills or surgery, you get the added bonus of having the release of biochemicals from your body which are designed towards healing your back for good.

A year since I first got diagnosed and I am back to my job, sorting my finances, keeping my family close and in the motherly warmth they deserve without having to cry my eyes out about not being there for them, and my dreams don’t look like they are far away and drowning before me as they were during my losing battles with Sciatica.

The positive side to this process is that it works and you’re sure to get relieved of your pain through simple techniques which have been proven and tested, but it also comes with the downside where you’d need to have your mind and heart ready and your determination at its peak should you intend for it to work as it should.

Where to buy Back Pain Relief for Life?

So, My Dear, I recommend you to try out this successful Sciatica courses and share your stories with the world on how useful they are as I have since the day I was introduced to the wonderful reviews about the product on;

I await your own story too and the positivism around it aimed towards assisting others who share in the common problems wherever they may be.

Sciatica is a troubling condition which renders one unable to be the person they were or achieve the dreams they intend to, but it shouldn’t stop your dream, life or even you from continuing in the life you have built for yourself. Why let it drown you when you can be its boss? Why allow back pain rule over your day when you can determine your own fate?

Do you intend to beat Sciatica to the dirt? Then visit this site where i got mine for 75% OFF (not sure if the coupon deal is still on!);

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