Fix Back Pain With Sciatica SOS

Pains in the back are a universal issue most people all over the world have to contend with from time to time. Western or conventional medical science has still to come up with a permanent cure which has evaded many, though extensive research has been conducted on the problem. The problem for a particular pain could be a specific issue which could be different to a back pain in another individual who would have another problem. Hence it is quite an arduous task to have a generalized treatment other than analgesics and various pain relieving balms. These are just temporary reliefs which would not treat the pain but only relieve it for a specific period of time.

There are thousands of balms and many more analgesics that are available to patients suffering from back pains to treat themselves. If the injury is severe and has been sustained in an accident and a particular damage has been caused to the spinal cord that could be rectified with an operation but what we are referring to is the normal and regular back pains which are caused by issues with the muscles, nerves and others.

The Sciatica nerve is one that causes back pain to many and which like most aches and pains we suffer is still on the waiting list for a permanent cure. Doctors have been treating patients with analgesics and balms, other than doing so there is nothing much, they could do about it. This situation has not helped the cause of many and they are eternally suffering, some with very debilitating pain with no solace to see on the horizon.

It is in this context that a permanent cure which has been practiced at the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range has been brought to you. Now specifically identified as having origins in Nepal it has been tried, tested and has cured Glen Johnson, the author of the book “SCIATICA SOS”. His story to successfully cure him is what he wants to share with you. He has gone to Nepal when he just could not bear the back pain with which he was suffering with went from bad to worst. He had no respite though he had spent thousands of dollars finding a way to relieve the excruciating pain with which he was suffering. He was even willing to trek to the far reaches of the world if he could find a cure.

When he heard this simple procedure which did not entail any medication and was a 100% natural therapy with no side effects at all he just jumped at the idea and went to this isolated kingdom in the Himalayas to get himself cured. Like anyone else in his predicament he was willing to tread that extra mile to get some relief, but he ended up at the foot of the Himalayas. What he wants to do is to share his experiences with you and bring it closer to you rather than you too trekking all the way to Nepal to enjoy the cure. Read the motivating review here.