Is Sciatica SOS Book a Scam?

An introduction to your sciatica nerve

Many things have been said about the sciatica nerve, books have been written, research has been conducted and a host of attention has been directed at it. It is the widest and the longest single nerve in the human body which begins at the lower back above the buttocks, and ends at the lower limbs. It runs through the buttocks, along the back thigh, calf and to the lower limb. Like any other nerve if it is disturbed it could cause excruciating pain and also restrict free movement. Some patients may not have continuous pain but could have spasms of pain at odd times when they are in the midst of attending to normal chores.

The debilitating pains

The pains come in spasms and could be quite debilitating and could put one off for a considerable time as the sciatica nerve practically lock itself within. Western medical sciences have been unable to bring a permanent cure but could administer pain killers to the patient to get over the unpleasantness during that interim period. Other than this treatment there was not much a doctor could do with the sciatica nerve. There were no surgery possible or other more advanced techniques that could bring about a permanent cure. It is estimated that around 2% to 40% of Americans suffer from their sciatica nerve going haywire. Most of them are suffering in silence with nothing but a hope and a prayer that it does not strike them down permanently.

Is it a hope and a prayer answered?

It is under these circumstances that a book offering a miracle cure in just 7 days has been introduced by a former sciatica sufferer, coach and a guide on living a sciatica free life, Glen Johnson. When there is nothing to look forward to, we would generally clutch onto any hope and this could be for our sciatica nerve, too. According to the author who has had firsthand knowledge of the problem because according to him has been a long sufferer from the problem the book explains how to get cured of the problem.

According to the author he followed the widely accepted procedure of analgesics and visits to a chiropractor who would use his deft touches with much practiced fingers to induce a relief from pain. Whether this was a permanent cure would have to seen only over an extended time period. This type of medication did not bring about a permanent cure and that is a fact.

It so happened that the author’s wife is supposed to have some acquaintances in Nepal and they found their way there to check it out. This was an opportunity the author had been looking forward to and with all hopes dashed he grasped the idea to follow a course of treatment in Nepal.

Nepalese knowhow

Nepal is at the foothills of the Himalayas and we know that most of the herbal medications that are used all over the world originated from around here. The vegetation here has some specialty as it is home to very valuable herbs. The early Nepalese could have been employing these natural herbs in many cures to illnesses and diseases that would have struck them from time immemorial. Hinduism is known to have also originated from around here which is the oldest religion in the world. It is estimated that Hinduism is about 10,000 years old with some disputing and dating it back to around 30,000 years. So if a cure is made available to treat the problems with the sciatica nerve it would be worth looking at it with an open and prudent mind.    

According to the author the Nepalese had a Two Century old cure for this dreadful condition and with dedication it cured in 7 days. Now that was food for thought and with Glen Johnson swearing by the facts in his book “SCIATICA SOS” it would not be an issue for those suffering from this debilitating issue to check it out. The most important aspect to consider would be that presently there is no foreseeable cure for the condition with any western medication. So a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, and that should spur us to try out what the book is all about.

The book SCIATICA SOS” is offered with SIX other very interesting publications and comes with a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee. So anyone purchasing the book has much to gain than lose. There is also a challenge that the author is throwing at those who would buy the book “SCIATICA SOS” which is he offers a permanent cure for the problem with your sciatica nerve in just SEVEN days. That is a very tall order and something anybody suffering with his sciatica nerve would like to put asunder. The offer looks quite interesting and with the procedure being a 100 % natural process without the administration of any medication what is said looks too good to be true. It would be quite a big decision to shove it away if you are a sufferer from the sciatica nerve.

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Download the Sciatica SOS book (Discounted Coupon Available)

The book “SCIATICA SOS” could be purchased online, by clicking on the link given below, and once you have it with you, try it out it would be your chance to cure yourself of this very debilitating problem. The book has had quite a reception from enthusiastic readers who are mostly sciatica nerve sufferers. The 7 days cure is quite an attractive preposition and if it does what it is expected to do the book would be worth its weight in gold. Only sufferers with this problem know the pain and the issues they undergo because of it. The book makes that much more attractive as no medication is involved hence could be deemed safe to try out.

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If you are a sufferer from issue pertaining to your sciatica nerve this would be a chance in a lifetime and trying it out would be a good option.