Sciatica Can’t stand up straight

I’ve gone through a lot of painful moments in my life. Out of all those frustrating experiences, I cannot simply forget the pain and frustration that I had to go through while dealing with Sciatica. Due to this back pain, I couldn’t stand up for one year. Hence, I had to do a lot of commitments. I even had to take a break from my job.

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I’m Sarah and I’m currently reading for my Bachelor’s degree.

I became a victim of Sciatica due to an injury that took place at the university. With this, I had to stay away from my studies for a period of one year.

On that unfortunate day, I was drinking with some of my friends in the university. We decided to stay out a bit late than usual. 

When I came back to the house, I figured out that the key was not inside my pocket. There was no one inside the house as well. As soon as I realized that the key is not in my pocket, I decided to go back to the university, where I was enjoying the drinks with my friends.

When I came near the university, I noticed that the gate is closed. Hence, I decided to hop over it. The gate was about eight feet high. I landed on my feet and there weren't any issues at all. I also found the key and I went back home to sleep.

But on the next morning, I had to experience one of my worst pain ever i ever lived. I couldn’t even stand up. As soon as I got out of the bed, the pain turned worse. ​

I decided to get in touch with my family doctor. I went through a series of tests and it was figured out that I'm experiencing sciatica nerve pain.

Once I got the news, it's like the entire world is going against me. The doctor said that I will not be able to stand up straight for quite a few months. It was a frustrating experience for me. Due to my inability to stand up straight, I couldn’t attend the university.

I was also a basketball player, but I couldn’t continue with the sport due to my injury. This brought a lot of stress to me.

But I didn’t want to give up. I went to the doctor and asked to provide me with the best possible treatments. That’s where I was directed to a specialist.

In most of the treatment sessions, I was given with painkillers. I noticed that the painkillers are just helping me to stay away from the pain.

They didn’t help me with experiencing any positive results. I decided to get the assistance from another doctor. That doctor also prescribed similar treatments to me. I was frustrated by this time. That’s because I have been spending a lot of money out of my pocket on the treatments and I didn’t receive any positive results.

When looking for an alternative treatment method, I came across chiropractic treatments.

I noticed that the chiropractic treatments are way different from the traditional western medications that I used. The chiropractor was working on the chiropractic adjustments.

Even though it was a hassle free treatment option, I couldn’t experience any positive results even after three months. I was able to stand up straight after about one month, but I couldn’t experience long lasting results. That’s when I realized that chiropractic treatments have done its part and it's time i look for alternatives. 

 I was searching the internet for a treatment that I could follow on my own.

One that is cost effective and long-lasting.

I am tired of paying so much. I had spent a lot of my part-time money on the treatments.

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Since I was a college student, I couldn’t afford any more money on the treatments.

I discovered an online course to self treat sciatica. 

I had to spend money out of my pocket to get into it. I was a bit hesitant to go for it. Partly because i have spent thousands on the previous treatment. But after seeing all the positive results from others, I got convinced that this is the most appropriate product available for me to try out.

I decided to go ahead with it. I figured i didn’t have to spend a fortune to get enrolled in this program, unlike previously.

There were several parts to treating it. It was mainly focusing on the natural movement that I should follow when dealing with the frustrating back pain. I decided to go ahead and follow all the workouts.

Surprisingly. I noticed that my condition was getting better day by day. There wasn't any pain when i do the movement.

The course said all the movement are natural to our body. I guess that is why i didn't feel any discomfort.

I was able to stand up straight without feeling any pain after 6 weeks. I continued following the program until 13 weeks (about 3 months) where i am proud to say that i'm officially pain-free.

If I had found this product earlier, I could have saved up many months, where I spent thousands on treatment options. But I’m never too late. I’m glad that I discovered this wonderful program. It delivered great results to me within a short period of time. 

I guess i'm lucky. 

If you are a victim of Sciatica and if you find it unbearable to stand up straight, I highly recommend you to follow this program. It is easy to follow, and gotten lot of testimonials. The best thing about this program is that it is cost-effective, natural and you can follow the videos at home. I couldn't imagine the pain i have to bear through when i need to go for my appointments. Try the program out, I believe you can finally feel lucky again.