My Sciatica Success Story!

Among the different types of pains that I have experienced in my life, sciatica pain was the most frustrating one. 

I wish nobody out there in the world to come across this pain. But if you are reading this story, you probably might be experiencing the negative consequences associated with sciatica pain.

I was able to overcome sciatica pain after years.. hopefully  my secrets can be helpful to you.

I will be sharing the steps that I followed in order to overcome the pain. If you are a person who is currently dealing with the unbearable pain, I believe this article will be in a position to provide a tremendous assistance to you.

First of all, let me introduce myself.

My name is Alicia and I was an active person from the childhood. I never thought that I will become a victim of sciatica in my life.

But let me explain how I became a victim of sciatica along with time.

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One year before I became a victim of sciatica, I was suffering from a heartburn. It came to me as a weekly occurrence. 

I didn’t worry too much on it. But eventually, I started experiencing heartburns every single day. That’s where I decided to seek the assistance of a healthcare professional. I went to my doctor and explained that I was affected with heartburn and I’m getting it every single day. The doctor prescribed me with some meds and I went back home. I was having those meds for a period of two months, but I didn’t receive any positive results at all. In fact, I was getting heartburn on a daily basis, even after the end of two months. Therefore, I decided to go ahead and meet my doctor again.

When I went to the doctor for the second time, my weight was measured. That’s where I got to know that I’m overweight. Therefore, I was asked to eat healthy food and hit the gym on a regular basis. After getting my weight down for at least 10kg. the occurrence of heartburn lessen.

I thought all is well and finally everything is over. I decided to hit the gym. My boyfriend has been talking about my weight..

While I was working out at the gym, I noticed that my back was really sore. I ignored it. But after one month, I noticed a pain in my left leg. It was becoming worse along with time.  What worst, I got a new car and the seat of it was too high. I had to stretch the legs to reach the paddles every time i drive. About 5 months of straining my back and legs, It came to a point where I couldn’t continue with driving anymore. 

Due to the back pain, I decided to go ahead and meet my doctor again. The doctor conducted a variety of examinations (MRI, X-ray) and came up with the conclusion that I have become a victim of sciatica.

He introduced me to pain-killers like ibuprofen. But it doesn't help at all!

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The doctor told me that there are few options available for me to try out. However, none of those options were in a position to help me overcome sciatica back to where i once were; pain-free naturally.

On the other hand, the doctor didn’t assure me that the treatment options will be able to deliver 100% positive results to me.

That’s where I decided to look for alternatives.

The new doctor took a MRI and figured out that I’m having a herniated disk. The results of the MRI scan were devastating and I hated every bit of it. However, he made up my mind and told that there is a possibility for me to recover within a short period of time. In order to experience such quick results, he asked me to come for physical therapy sessions on a regular basis.

By this point, I was determined to get rid of sciatica. I had to introduce some significant changes into my daily schedule to fight against this frustrating health condition. I woke early in the morning with an unbearable pain in the back. I couldn’t wake up with a refreshed body and mind because the sciatica kept on disturbing me throughout the night. I had to experience the worst pain during the mornings. The physical therapy sessions were not providing any positive results to me.

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One day, i finally couldn't swallow it down any longer and I walked up to my doctor and said that I’m not seeing any positive results. 

In the meantime, I was experiencing a lot of pain as well.

He didn’t quite understand my situation.

He just suggested painkillers for any pain i felt during the therapy,  to minimize the pain.

With disappointment and frustration, I decided to try out an old school method to overcome sciatica pain.

I googled...

That’s where I got to know about an amazing program. It provided great results to me and I’m totally impressed with what I received. It had a lot of positive ratings from satisfied customers.

The reviews and the way he explain it made sense to me. I decided to give that a try.

This could eventually got me ended up with positive results. The entire program was perfectly designed and I found it as an easy task to follow it. In fact, the step by step instructions were extremely easy to follow and I didn’t end up with any disappointment.

Most importantly, I don't feel any pain while following through the movement.

In fact... I felt very good doing it. It is like someone went straight into my bone and sciatic nerve to massage it.

I eventually overcame sciatica without spending a lot of effort following it within 4 months.

I now enjoy my life without the frustrating sciatica pain. If you are wasting your time on unsuccessful treatments and painkillers, I highly recommend you to take a look at this program. It can deliver effective results to you within a short period of time and you will not have anything to complain about. You will also love the results that will come on your way in the long run.